This is our first edition holy grail guide on all things skin and makeup!

I wanted to make makeup and skin care easy and accesiable for  the every day person, and in order to do this, I understand that not everyone can afford hundreds  of dollars on lessons, courses and products.

So here I have simplifiled and explained in detail everything I think you need to know to achieve ultimite confidence and comfortablity when it comes to the world of skincare and makeup.


You will find out things like

  • determining your skin type, taking care of your skin and why it is important for better makeup application 
  • tools of the trade and what appication type is best for what product (brushes and sponges)
  • ways to improve complexion and look after your skin
  • cover and talk about the importance of skincare and routine
  • importance of cleanliness and hygiene
  • determining and understanding your skin type, tone and best foundation to suit and create a flawless base
  • all things complementary colours, undertones and pro tips and tricks
  • different eyeshadow shapes and techniques to best suit your eye shape
  • difference and importance between bronzer and contour
  • picking the right nude lipstick

+ much more

Whether you're a student, a new mum, or just wanting to scrub up on your skills this book will create a perfect knowledge base for you to apply your foundation too (get it haha)


Available in A4 PDF Format so it is easily printable.

Bringing out the best in you - E-Book

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